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Som Sleep Pride Dreams Crewneck + 12-Pack Bundle

Som Sleep Pride Dreams Crewneck


The Som Sleep Pride Bundle includes

  • One Pride Dreams 12-Pack - Specially Designed by Queer Artist Mich Miller. Berry Flavor, 10 Calories, 0 Sugar, 100% Pride
  • One Pride Dreams Crewneck - Cozy and casual fit. Fabricis light-weight, extra-soft, and breathable. Unisex Sizing, 80/20Cotton-Polyester, 10% Recycled Polyester, 100% Pride

About the Collab: Research shows that LGBTQ+ peoplehave poorer sleep health than cisgender and heterosexual people due tohigher levels of stress. That's why we partnered with LA-based queerartist @MichMillerPrint to design a limited run of cans to celebrate andsupport 2022 Pride Month. In designing these limited-edition cans, Michdrew inspiration from various LGBTQ+ flag colors, while alsoincorporating their own signature themes which encapsulate thesignificance of the disco to pride community. 100% of the proceeds fromthe sales of these cans will be going to support the LA LGBT Center in support of their life-changing LGBTQ+ programs, healthcare, and social services.

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