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You're Going To See These 19 Food Trends EVERYWHERE In 2019

You're Going To See These 19 Food Trends EVERYWHERE In 2019

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Let's all say a collective Thank u, next! to 2018 and all the tired food trends we're ushering out come December 31. Goodbye forever, unicorn foods. So long for eternity, unrealistic smoothie bowls. Meat-flavored chips, we'll see you when we see you. The new year is upon us and so are 19 new culinary crazes that we're, well, SO FREAKIN' EXCITED ABOUT. We even wrote that in all caps to prove it. Get to know them now—so you can be the first to 'gram them in 2019.

You Can Sip Your Way To Sleep

Blue light, stress, temperature—apparently they're all ruining your chances of a good night's sleep. That's why brands are inventing potions and brews that'll put you to right to bed (at least, they promise to). "Sleepytime" continues to be a burgeoning tea category. Teami and Tea Heads Co. both have the key ingredients you'll see grow in popularity: valerian, lemon peel, chamomile. Other tinctures—both bottle and homemade are on the rise, too: Som Sleep, a melatonin-spiked "sleep drink" that's popped up on Hilary Duff's and Jenna Dewan's Instagrams, and moon milk, a DIY herb and spice warm milk mixture.