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“The best 'Sleep Water' to help you fall asleep naturally.”

“Sleep in a blue can.”

“Despite all the caffeine I had during the day, I drifted into what felt like a deep slumber.”

“You’ll be lulled to a better night’s sleep.”

“The anti Red Bull.”

"Enjoyable and something I would gladly drink regularly at night."

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Transform your sleep

Our functional berry-flavored sleep drink is expertly crafted to help you wake up feeling refreshed and inspired to conquer your day. Our 5 core ingredients work together to provide a full night of restful, natural sleep*. Experience the wonder of a good night's sleep and unlock your true potential.

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som sleep original 12-pack

original 12-pack

40 calories. 8g sugar. 8.1 fl oz.
Berry Flavor.

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som sleep zero sugar 12-pack

Zero Sugar 12-pack

10 calories. 0g sugar. 8.1 fl oz.
Berry Flavor.

Buy — $29.99

Ingredients That Work

Our vegan, drug-free formula combines the perfect balance of ingredients that work in harmony to help put you to sleep quickly* and wake you up feeling great, without the groggy, hangover feeling of sleep aids.

Magnesium and Vitamin B6 help ensure your sleep cycle is running as smoothly as possible.
L-Theanine and GABA help calm your mind.
Melatonin jumpstarts the process of falling asleep.

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What the experts say

Som Sleep is backed by an advisory board of sleep experts, nutritionists, dieticians, physical therapists, and world class personal trainers and used by over 100 pro sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

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[Som] is innovative, smart, non habit forming, and a “must use” for anyone – athlete or otherwise – experiencing sleep difficulties.

Dr. Philip Goglia, Celebrity Nutrionist

“Quality sleep equates to quality of life. It is the fountain of youth that allows us to truly be at our best, and I have Som to thank for it.”

Jen Widerstrom, Diet Expert & Personal Trainer

“With Som, [athletes] are getting to the root of their energy deficiencies by charging up the ultimate fueling system, their sleep.”

Brandon McDaniel, MS, RSSC, MLB Strength Coach

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