What does it mean to be NSF Certified for Sport?

What does it mean to be NSF Certified for Sport?

If you’re a professional athlete, you’re already familiar with the NSF Certified for Sport logo. If you’re anyone else, you’re probably wondering what that means and why it’s important. We’re here for you.

NSF International is a global leader in the development of consumer product standards. If a product sports the NSF [Certified for Sport] logo, it means the product meets NSF’s quality and safety standards. Every batch of Som is tested and certified by NSF under its strictest program in the dietary supplement space: Certified for Sport.

A product must complete all three steps of the program in order to earn this certification, including:

  1. A toxicological review of the product, during which NSF’s internal team looks for potentially harmful ingredients, dosages, or combinations of ingredients.
  2. An analysis of the finished product to ensure all claims and ingredient levels listed on the label are accurate. In other words, they make sure what’s promised on the can matches what’s in the can.
  3. A set of tests to ensure Som is free of the over 270 substances that are banned by professional sports leagues (as well as national and international doping oversight organizations).

NSF is a trusted source for banned substance testing by the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, as well as collegiate sports teams. Back-to-back games, late nights, and constant travel often contribute to professional athletes’ sleep deprivation.

"The most overlooked but most important aspect of athlete performance is recovery - this includes sleep and nutrition.  Sleep is the time where your body rebuilds, recovers, and important physiological functions happen to allow athletes to be their best physically and mentally."

Jordan Mazur, Coordinator of Performance Nutrition, San Francisco 49ers

We choose to participate in NSF’s top-tier Certified for Sport program to hold Som to the highest standards. This certification shows that Som is among the highest quality dietary supplements available. We want to ensure our customers, including the professional athletes and coaches who use Som today, can be completely confident when recommending it to others in search of a better night’s sleep. And if you’re not a professional athlete, don’t worry - we aren’t either. But if it’s good enough for superhumans, it’s good enough for us!

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