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What the experts say

Som Sleep is backed by an advisory board of doctors, sleep experts, nutritionists, dieticians, physical therapists, world class personal trainers and used by over 60 pro teams in the NFL, NBA, & MLB.

Dr. Philip Goglia

Celebrity Nutritionist

“[Som] is innovative, smart, non habit forming, and a “must use” for anyone – athlete or otherwise – experiencing sleep difficulties.”

Jen Widerstrom

Diet Expert & Personal Trainer

“Quality sleep equates to quality of life. It is the fountain of youth that allows us to truly be at our best, and I have Som to thank for it.”

Brandon McDaniel, MS, RSSC

MLB Strength Coach

“With Som, [athletes] are getting to the root of their energy deficiencies by charging up the ultimate fueling system, their sleep.”

Keith D’Amelio

Performance Specialist

“Som Sleep might be the closest thing to a silver bullet as there is for an athlete to compete at his or her best."

Gunnar Peterson

Celebrity Trainer

“If you need help getting your sleep on track, Som is your answer."

Jordan Mazur

NFL Nutritionist

“Nothing is more important or integral for health and recovery than optimal sleep. And Som can help you achieve that.”

Dr. Jane Danford

Physical Therapist

“Sleep is critical to a patient’s rehabilitation and recovery, and Som helps my patients and myself get the rest we need to rebuild.”

Nick Swisher

Former MLB All-Star

“Som Sleep would have been a game changer for me if it was around when I played.”

Dr. Michael Galitzer

Anti-Aging Expert

“[Som] will improve energy, focus, and performance. I highly recommend this product, as it contains great ingredients in the right proportions.”

Chris Knott

Performance & Recovery Expert

“Som is a more natural, well-balanced, and readily available product to help our athletes build important, but non-dependent sleep habits.”

Bill Burgos

NBA Strength Coach

“Som helps with the process of allowing athletes to have sound sleep, which allows for proper recovery and more energy the following day. This complements what I try to execute with my athletes on a daily basis.”

Jeremy Roenick

Former NHL All-Star & NHL Analyst

“Som is a first of its kind NSF Certified for Sport sleep supplement that should be part of every professional athlete’s health regimen.”

Dr. Jarrod Spencer

Sports Psychologist

“One of the biggest daily psychological challenges athletes deal with is insomnia. Som helps to resolve this. With a better night’s sleep, they can have a clearer mind and better performance.”