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'Som' is a Drink for Sleep That's Like an Anti-Energy Drink

'Som' is a Drink for Sleep That's Like an Anti-Energy Drink

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By Laura McQuarrie

'Som' is a new drink for sleep that is set to launch soon, introducing consumers to a simple way to encourage a better night of rest. The low-calorie beverage itself is vegan, non-carbonated and non-habit forming, plus it is free from dairy, gluten, GMO ingredients and allergens. 

Som is set to offer two scientifically advanced formulas, including Original and Zero Sugar varieties that are meant to be consumed about 30 minutes before bedtime. Some of the key ingredients in the formula are magnesium, Vitamin B6, gaba, L-Theanine and melatonin, which promote relaxation and support a healthy sleep routine.

Although there is already a large industry for sleep supplements that come in the form of pills, there is a growing number of functional food and beverage products that aim to make falling asleep as easy as enjoying a light beverage or snack before bed.
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