The In-Box: We're Life Changers

The In-Box: We're Life Changers

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Narrator: It’s mornings with Dave, Doreen, and Geno on Milwaukee’s Hometown Rock.

Dave: We have definitive proof that this show can literally change your life. Dave, Doreen, and Geno on KLH. This proof comes via two emails we received. The first one is from Bob. He wrote this Tuesday afternoon 5:20pm.

“Subject: Geno. I’m writing you a note to thank Geno. It concerns his sister’s issues with sleep. Unfortunately I’ve had the same exact problem for as long as I can remember. I took Geno’s recommendation. I bought some of this Som Sleep (S-O-M) and I took it and slept like a baby.”

Doreen: Wow.

Dave: “And I want to say thanks for the first full night’s sleep in a very long time.” That’s from Bob.

Geno: And from everything I’ve read – I found this in Sports Illustrated that NBA players are using it too because when they fly across the country they have trouble sleeping and it has worked for my sister. No drugs in it so there’s no worry about that. It’s sugar free. So I’m glad you found some relief because it’s a horrible problem.

Dave: Bob Osterman is sleeping well.

Doreen: That’s awesome.

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