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By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

John Shegerian, the founder of SOM Sleep, tells Bustle that a "bedroom that is too hot (or too cold) can interfere with quality sleep." So, what's the perfect temp to rest soundly — without waking up drenched in sweat? Shegerian says to try to keep your bedroom thermostat set between 60 and 67 degrees if you want to sleep better during the summer.

Luckily, combatting the effects that too much sun has on your sleep schedule is simple. Shegerian says that, "Since your sleep cycle is impacted by light and dark cues, you can help your body prepare to fall asleep simply by closing the blinds." Consider investing in blackout curtains if you're having trouble sleeping during the summertime, and be sure to open the blinds first thing when you wake up to keep your body's natural clock in check.

Summer is the optimal time to take a break from work and visit your favorite vacation spots, but traveling could throw a wrench into your healthy sleep routine. Shegerian explains that jet lag "is a temporary disruption to your normal sleep schedule that can occur whenever you travel between time zones." Though jet lag can last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on the person, it can still be detrimental.

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