4 Ways to Improve your Sleep when you Share a Bed

4 Ways to Improve your Sleep when you Share a Bed

Going from single to cuffed is not always easy. When you're single, you and your cats can spread out in bed, eat some popcorn and wrap yourself up like a burrito. But....then you met the most perfect person in the entire world and all of a sudden you, the cats, a new dog, and a new partner are all struggling to fit on your bed, like the door in Titanic. Sure, there may be enough room for both of you, but you’re starting to understand why Jack had to drown. So, here are four ways to improve your sleep when you share a bed:

1. Respect your Partner’s Needs

You do not want to keep your partner up all night by creating an uncomfortable space for them. Respect their sleep preferences and requirements. If you have to wake up early for work, be sure to keep your alarm quiet and warn your partner the night before. Avoid eating in bed to keep a clean and comfortable space for you and your partner. If you’re going to use your phone or watch TV in the bedroom, keep the backlight setting at minimum brightness. It will help you both fall asleep more easily. Above all, learn to compromise and discuss each other’s individual sleep needs before they become an issue.

2. Upgrade Your Hygge

Hygge is the Scandinavian lifestyle concept of building coziness into one’s daily experiences, and it works wonders no matter where you live!  If you’re used to wrapping yourself up like a burrito, then make sure there’s a “tortilla” for each of you. You don’t want your partner to be cold and upset or wake up to a 3am tug-of-war. Your partner will wake up if you try to get that pillow out from under them, so go ahead and splurge on some extra pillows and blankets. If you or your partner need personal space to consistently achieve deep, refreshing sleep, then invest in a bigger bed and mattress.  Both of you will be thankful.

3. Cuddle!

Cuddling has been found to release oxytocin and serotonin, which help make you feel happy, emotionally connected, and less stressed. Cuddling has also been found to aid in sleep and improve relationships. Couples who cuddled after sex reported being happier, than those who neglected to cuddle one another. If your partner does not enjoy cuddling, then be respectful and again, compromise. Cuddle before bed, perhaps, and remember that some people need personal space to ensure a restful night. Discuss which positions are the most comfortable and purchase an air conditioner for the room. No one likes sweating while trying to get cozy with each other.

4. Sleep Naked

Sleeping naked offers a variety of benefits, from keeping cool to staying comfortable. Sleeping naked with your partner can increase intimacy and trust. It can also be a good lead into sex, as well as a confidence booster. Do not be afraid to show your partner your body; they would not be with you if they did not love all of you!

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