Father’s Day Gifts to Help Dad Get His Zzzs

Father’s Day Gifts to Help Dad Get His Zzzs

Your Dad is super picky with clothes, your Grandfather hates clutter and your partner keeps telling you they don’t need a gift. You’re at a loss as to what presents you can possibly get for the dads in your life this Father’s Day, but you know you must show your appreciation and love. You shop for hours, but tools, grills, and flannels are too expensive and overdone. Need ideas? Well, invest in your father’s health, happiness and life, and get some gifts that will help Dad get his zzzs.

Som Sleep

Maybe your grandfather is struggling to fall asleep due to new aches and pains or maybe your single mother stays up late making lunches for you for school. Either way, Som Sleep can help the father in your life slip into a relaxing state and awake feeling energized and happy. This sleep aid drink is affordable, available online and is free of preservatives, allergens or GMOs. Not only does the drink taste good, it also is non-habit forming, vegan and NSF Certified for Sport. The drink contains ingredients that are naturally produced in the body, such as melatonin and magnesium, so after consuming the beverage, your father will drift off into a deep and cozy slumber. This Father’s Day help your father improve their sleep quality and wake up feeling ready for the day, by giving them the gift of Som Sleep.




A Unique Alarm Clock

Maybe your Dad is into some weird stuff. From Star Wars to James Bond, his interests are all over the place. You also notice he’s been late to work a couple times this week and he really hates the sound of that old boring alarm clock he’s had for years. The good news is that there are so many fun options for alarm clocks! From this Lego Darth Vader alarm clock to this Bomb-Themed Orb or even this Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels, waking up in the morning does not have to be a boring experience for your father. Make it fun and get him an interesting alarm clock.




Sleep Gadgets

If the Father in your life is an individual who loves technology and sleep, try looking into some of the cool new sleep gadgets available on the market. For example, Phillips makes a light system that will mimic the sunrise and the sunset every night and morning, so that your brain will register when it is time to fall asleep or wake up. Or you can try Withings Sleep, a device that can be inserted under your mattress designed to track your sleep, heart rate and detect snoring. This device can help you develop better habits by showing you what is affecting your nights and using those insights to lead you to a more balanced sleep schedule. Finally, if you’re stressing your father out, then maybe invest in the Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser. Oil diffusers help with stress, insomnia and congestion and will leave the bedroom smelling amazing.




So, mark your calendars and don’t forget! June 16th is Father’s Day and you better be prepared to show the father in your life how much you care. Give your Dad the gift of sleep and help him catch up on those lost zzzs.
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