Spring Forward With These 4 Sleep Tips

Spring Forward With These 4 Sleep Tips

The birds are chirping, the flowers are budding, and you’ve put away your ugly Christmas sweater for good. It’s Spring time and you couldn’t be more excited. But, do the changes that come with Spring affect your sleep? Here are 4 tips that will help you during this new sunny time.

1.Get outside!

Take advantage of the newfound warmth and get outside! A study published by Current Biology in 2017, found that by going outside, people’s natural sleep cycles adjusted to the changing light more efficiently. The natural lighting prevented a delay in the body’s natural sleep chemicals and those individuals who went outside were able to fall asleep earlier and stay asleep longer. The study focused specifically on camping and found that individuals who went camping, even for just a weekend, reaped long-term benefits and slept better. So, do not be afraid to wander into the wilderness for a weekend or just spend a couple of hours in your local park.

2. Don’t Forget Daylight Savings Time!

Everyone always seems to forget about Daylight Savings until the day smacks you right in the face. Well, mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen. March 10th of 2019, you’re going to lose an hour of sleep at 2am. But have no fear, WebMd makes several tips on how to beat Daylight Savings. They suggest gradually transitioning into the time change, keeping in mind several days before Daylight Savings time that it is coming. It is also ok to take a nap the day of. Your body will most likely adjust to the change within a week or two. Lastly, consider incorporating Som Sleep into your routine. This sleep supplement is designed to promote rest and relaxation so you can gently drift off into sleep.

3. Watch out for Allergies!

So, you followed the advice of step one and now you can’t stop sneezing and blowing your nose and it’s keeping you up at night. If your allergies are acting up this Spring, you can take action. Hypoallergenic pillows and sheets can improve your quality of sleep, as well as air purifiers. Nasal sprays can also help relieve congestion. But if you find yourself relying too heavily on the help of allergy medicine to fall asleep each night, it may be time for you to visit your doctor.

4. Re-Install the AC

It’s not always a good thing when things heat up in the bedroom. Christopher Winter, sleep specialist and neurologist, explained that not only have many studies found people to prefer sleeping in the cold, but he has also seen evidence first hand with his patients. If you live in an area where a hot Spring is common, install your AC before you wake up in the middle of the night sweating and regretting not installing that beautiful box earlier.

So, you’ll be in your bikini in no time, you’ve just got to make it through the Spring. Enjoy the birds and the outdoors and don’t forget to prioritize sleep. Your body and health will thank you. Just be careful about allergies and get prepared for the impending heat wave.

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