These Apps Are Designed to Help You Sleep

These Apps Are Designed to Help You Sleep

Struggling to fall asleep? There's an app for that. We know it's critical to make sure your smartphone doesn't interfere with your sleep. But some apps can actually help you unwind before bed. Here are four apps you need to try to help you fall asleep:

1. Headspace: Meditation

Headspace not only boasts a 4.9 rating, but is also ranked fourth on the iTunes App Store's Health & Fitness list. Why is this app so popular? Well, Headspace teaches you how to keep a clear and healthy mind. With an entire section dedicated to sleep, this app takes you through multiple levels of meditation (starting with the basics) and makes guided sleep meditation simple. Headspace even provides soothing sounds to help you peacefully drift off to sleep. 

2. Sleepio

A Nicole Kidman favorite, this app is designed to teach you how to overcome poor sleep without popping a pill. It does so by providing a personalized sleeping plan based on your own schedule and needs. Using a dedicated diary, Sleepio helps you keep track of your sleep and make improvements. 

 3. Count Sheep

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you to count sheep until you fell asleep? Count Sheep does. This app is an entertaining way for you to fall asleep. You can count sheep to lullabies in the app, your own music, or in silence. Once the timer is up, the app fades to black and your phone goes into auto-lock mode. Complete with nighttime-friendly graphics, Count Sheep is definitely the cutest way to fall asleep. 

4. White Noise

White Noise, a Nina Dobrev favorite, is simple. It provides you with common white noises. From a air conditioner to ocean waves, the app has over 40 sounds ready for you to listen to while you fall asleep. If you're struggling to find the right sound, you can record and loop your own. At only 99 cents, White Noise is a good investment if you - or your little ones - have trouble sleeping.

Have you tried any of these apps to help you fall asleep? Let us know what you think!

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