What is Magnesium?

What is Magnesium?

Remember the periodic table you learned about in your middle school science class? If you’re anything like us, your answer is something along the lines of “not after I took the final exam.” Which is why we asked our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Rob Bent, to weigh in on Magnesium and its importance in the Som Stack.

What it is:

Magnesium is an element essential to the human body. We don’t produce it, so we have to consume it through foods, drinks, or dietary supplements. Magnesium is found in foods often missing from our diet. Think: leafy green vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

What it does:

Magnesium is key to the human body’s energy system, metabolism, and ability to repair damaged DNA. It’s also vital to the natural production of Melatonin, a critical sleep-regulating hormone.

Why we use it:

Not all Magnesium is created equal. We opt for Magnesium Citrate because its high absorption rate helps you get the most out of every serving of Som.

We include Magnesium in the Som Stack to boost the natural production of Melatonin. It’s that simple.

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