What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

There’s an episode of Friends where Chandler seeks the advice of Ross and Rachel regarding his sleeping position with Janice. He’s annoyed because Janice likes to cuddle, but it’s keeping him up at night. Rachel happily informs Chandler that she and Ross are big cuddlers, only to later discover that Ross has been turning away once she falls asleep! Should Ross and Rachel fans be discouraged? Well, that leaves us with the burning question, what does your sleeping position with a partner say about your relationship?

The Spoon & The Loose Spoon
When a couple spoons one another, it is a protective position, that also has some sexual vibes given the vulnerability of the position. Couples need to have trust in one another in order to feel safe and content in this position. Once couples have been together for some time, this position changes as couples separate some in order to achieve maximum comfort while maintaining intimacy.

The Knot & The Unraveling Knot
When a couple sleeps facing one another while in each other arms, the position may be a sign of intense emotion and intimacy but may also be a warning sign the couple is too dependent on another. (Maybe Janice is too dependent on Chandler?) However, if the couple maintains this position for a short amount of time and then separates, the intense emotion and intimacy is still evident; however, the couple understands their need for comfort and independence. (Perhaps this is what is happening with Rachel and Ross?)

The Liberty Lovers & The Back Kissers
If a couple sleeps back to back, yet still close, this is also a good sign. The two individuals are happily together, while still possessing their own space and comfort. If their backs are touching, it may be a sign their relationship is still new.

The Nuzzle
If a couple sleeps with one person resting their head on the others chest, this position has similar meanings to the spoon. The position is extremely intimate and protective. Again, it takes a high level of trust between couples to enjoy and feel secure in this position.

The Space Hog
If your partner is constantly hogging the entire bed, this is not a good sign. It shows dominance on their part and selfishness. Huffington Post suggest having a conversation with your partner regarding the issue, as your own personal sleep and comfort is important.

Unless your partner is causing you discomfort, couples should not stress about their sleeping positions. The majority of sleeping positions provide comfort, intimacy and a feeling of protection among couples. Couples should strive to find sleeping positions that work the best for their needs. Sleeping with another person is an amazing experience, but keep in mind the basics of sleep hygiene. Adjust your bedding and nighttime clothing so you and your partner are able to maintain comfortable body temperatures during the night, which will help ensure undisturbed sleep for both of you. And if you’re having difficulty falling asleep at night, consider incorporating a supplement like Som Sleep into your routine.

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