Som Sleep | Keto Friendly Sleep Aid

the science
The scientifically advanced Som Stack™ includes ingredients that are naturally found in your body, a healthy diet, and green tea. It addresses sleep issues from three different angles, providing a more comprehensive solution.

1. Magnesium and Vitamin B6 provide targeted nutrition to support your body's own natural sleep-regulating cycle.
2. L-Theanine and GABA relax the mind, preparing the brain to transition smoothly from wake to sleep.
3. Melatonin provides the signal to sleep, facilitating the natural process of generating deep, restorative sleep.

don't just take ouR word for it
Tara Piekarski
"As a Keto Health and Wellness coach, I see firsthand how sleep affects all aspects of my clients lives. Sleep is the key to keeping your health moving forward - I prioritize it every single night and now I get to add Som to my routine! Keto friendly & the most restful sleep! Big fan!"
Cora Price
"Since taking Som I have had more energy in the morning to get things  done around the house and complete my workouts. Having Som cater to my keto lifestyle is something that I am very thankful for that I am able to stay within my way of eating and still get quality sleep. Som will definitely be something that I keep stocked up in my house."
Erica Fitzgerald
"I follow a ketogenic diet and often work out at night, both of which leave me a lot of energy right before bed. I find myself tossing and turning and just not being able to get a good night's rest, let alone fall asleep. My first time trying Som there was an immediate result. I got the best sleep I had in awhile."
backed by experts
Som Sleep is backed by an advisory board of doctors, sleep experts, nutritionists, dieticians, physical therapists, world class personal trainers and used by over 60 pro athletes teams in the NFL, NBA, & MLB.
Frequently asked questions

What sweeteners does Som Sleep Zero Sugar use?

We use a three-part sweetening system that won't raise your blood sugar: Monk fruit, Stevia, and Erythritol.

What does Som Sleep Zero Sugar taste like?

Som Sleep has a berry flavor and is non-carbonated.

How often can I drink Som Sleep Zero Sugar?

Som Sleep is drug-free and non-habit forming and can be used as needed.

How much melatonin is in Som Sleep Zero Sugar?

Each can contains 3mg of melatonin.